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Shockwave Therapy

    Shockwave sends a bundle of acoustic waves through an applicator into the tissue; the immediate effect of this creates micro ruptures in both soft tissue and bone  This causes growth factors eNOS, VEGF, PCNS and BMP to jump dramatically increasing blood supply and cell proliferation leading to regeneration of tendon, ligament and bone tissue. Shockwave can be used on chronic, acute, and sub-acute injuries to accelerate the healing process in the body.

    Shockwave can cause newly formed tendon fiber to be more dense and hard creating a firmer structure by forcing the collagen into longitudinal structure. This lessens the growth of unwanted scar tissue and strengthens the muscle or tendon fibers that the body needs for optimal performance.

     Shockwave has an analgesic affect as well making it a great option for horses with pathologies like kissing spine, navicular syndrome, and arthritis by bringing them lasting relief.

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