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About Me

Growing up as a vet's daughter and a competitive rider I have always been immersed in equine wellness. There was never a doubt in my mind that I would continue my work with horses throughout my life. Sports Therapy has fascinated me from the moment I first had my horse worked on by a massage therapist. I watched as my horse fell asleep and visually released both physical and emotional tension. Since then, I have emersed myself in learning as much about equine bodywork as possible studying at Equinology Insitute, Pulse Equine, Holistic Animal Studies, EquiTape Inc., Balance Through Movement, Featherlight Horsemanship, One Horse Life, and Equitopia. Not to mention the invaluable knowledge that has been shared with me from several well-respected professionals in the field; I am so grateful for all the vets, massage therapists, trainers, and instructors that have guided me to where I am today. I would not be half the bodyworker, equestrian, or person that I am today without them!
I fall more in love with what I do with each horse that I meet. There is just nothing else like walking into the stall of a horse that is anxious and jumpy due to unaddressed pain, showing them that you understand, and then watching as they release their tension becoming supple and in effect, relaxed. It is common for insecure, spooky, even aggressive horses to have the most dramatic change, often ending the session by resting their head on my shoulder- grateful to finally be able to "let go." It never ceases to melt my heart! Horses are such beautiful animals inside and out. They so desperately want to communicate with us and do as we ask. I truly believe that when discomfort is blocking them from doing as we ask it frustrates them more than us. When you open the door from them to move freely the gratitude in their eyes is the most rewarding thing I have ever experienced. 
I have had the opportunity to aid multiple show jumpers, cutters, dressage, AQHA, reiners, and pleasure horses reach the top of their game, and I am forever thankful for everything each and every one of them has taught me.
-Jessie Garfinkel EEBW

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